World Championships 4x Course

03 Aug 09 / Posted By DBS

The Canberra World Championship 4X course in Stromlo Forest Parkhas to be seen to be believed.
canberra world champ 4x
An artificial hill has been made with more than 100, 000 cubic meters of soil, and the track was designed and built by legendary one of a kind track builder, Glen Jacobs.
The course has had several major modifications for the 2009 World Championships and now includes a rebuilt turn and Ozzie named obsatcles like the Bungle Bungles. Jacobs explains, They call them moguls over in Europe, because they are just like a mogul field you would find in the Alps when you go skiing.

We built these monster ones here in Canberra and we looked at them and said geez, they look like the Bungle Bungles (beehive-shaped sandstone formations in the Purnululu National Park, WA) So, ok, lets call them that instead They are hard to get through and you need to be smart.

There are also several rock drops into the finish bowl. the whole course is around 55 seconds long with 7 straights and 6 major corners.

Jacobs talks you through the course below